About SX

Since 2014, it has been one of the eye-catchers of Eindhoven's bustling Strijp-S district: the SX building, formerly one of Philips' many factory buildings, now the place in the Netherlands where sports, marketing and media come together. In SX you can find over fifty entrepreneurs, all with one common denominator: an unbridled love for sports. It makes SX more than just an office building.

Despite the metamorphosis - from glass factory to center for sports, marketing and media - the name of the building dating from 1914 remained the same. The name could not have been more striking, explains promoter Bob van Oosterhout, director of sports marketing agency Triple Double. "The S stands for sport, the red thread for the residents who are active in the triangle sports, marketing and media. And the X stands for cross-pollination, the multiplication of activity and of course eXperience."

When Triple Double grew out of its jacket in Deurne, sports city Eindhoven was a logical next step for the sports marketing agency. The possibilities at the former Strijp-S industrial estate turned out to be endless, both literally and figuratively, explains Van Oosterhout. "The idea was first to own a private building with its own image, but with the 5000 m2 that SX contains, we had a practical problem. We only needed 1000 m2. That is why we started a dialogue with other parties. Most of them were immediately very excited and currently SX is completely filled with sports-minded organizations which reinforce each other. "

Triple Double joined forces with the VolkerWessels construction group and the Municipality of Eindhoven and the result is a unique concept. SX differs from other 'collection buildings' in the Netherlands due to the care with which the residents have been selected. All parties have a natural link (sports) with each other and therefore benefit optimally from each other's knowledge, skills and activities, but especially enjoy doing business in a sporting context. That idea fits seamlessly with what the city of Eindhoven, as the sports municipality of the Netherlands, and Strijp-S want to emanate: cooperation, knowledge sharing, innovation and growth.

In addition to Triple Double, another forty-eight companies in SX have found their home. In addition, SX is the initiator of network concepts such as SX Open and SX Bondgenoten. Add to that the presence of lecturers and students from Fontys Hogeschool, various meeting and conference rooms and with more than 3,500 books the largest sports library in the Netherlands, and it makes SX the place for everyone who is gripped by the world of sports, marketing and media. Whether you are looking for a home base for your company, want to give a flashy presentation or just want to have a meeting in an inspiring environment, at SX the door is always open.